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Artistic joinery

Your Art joinery workshop

The meeting of passionate men

The art joinery workshop, Morgan-s, is a story of passion. Morgan Sicard’s passion for woodworking, its shaping and other materials. Creative and constantly looking for new inspirations for his designs, Morgan has aimed, since Morgan-s inception, to combine know-how, creativity and innovation. When he met Lionel Acat, in 2014, the alchemy immediately took place between these two passionate men. Lionel is graduated from the Ecole Boulle and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre, and worked as a scenographer and decorator for the cinema and the theater for nearly thirty years. Beyond their common bond and experience of artistic work, they have both developed a sense of detail, the requirement and taste for a work well-done and a sharp artistic sensitivity. An obvious partnership to design the best and most beautiful works. At present, Morgan-s is pursuing its development, respecting the same requirements: aesthetics, elegance and sobriety.